Rotor Aviation Provides An Outstanding San Diego Helicopter Course And Training

March 21, 2010

Rotor Aviation is a renowned flight instruction service and facility, hosting the premier San Diego helicopter course and much more. Its staff of highly-educated trainers and coaches are passionate about their work and eager to pass on their experience and flying expertise through one of Rotor Aviation’s San Diego helicopter courses.The team at Rotor Aviation is committed to its work, seeking to educate students and provide the greatest possible facilities through its outstanding San Diego helicopter course and flight training programs. Rotor Aviation has grown since its foundation and now offers facilities across the LA Basin, providing California with outstanding Torrance, Long Beach and San Diego helicopter courses.Rotor Aviation has garnered numerous accolades for its dedication to flight instruction, leading the LA Basin with the provision of San Diego helicopter courses. Students of the Rotor Aviation flight school can choose to receive education in a variety of fields, training in private and commercial piloting or specializing in programs designed for guidance in instrument control and more. Advanced pilots can register with Rotor Aviation’s San Diego helicopter course to receive certification as well, the flight instructors acting as qualified coaches for any student’s specific test preparation requirements.The business possesses an array of fantastic vehicles for rental and educational use at the San Diego helicopter course, ensuring that every student enjoys the opportunity of learning to pilot with the use of one of the industry’s greatest helicopters. Rotor Aviation is equipped with exceptional aircraft models such as the Robinson R22, Robinson R44 and Bell 206 BIII. Each of the vehicles used by Rotor Aviation’s San Diego helicopter course and rental programs is regularly serviced and inspected to ensure the safety of each pilot and student.Rotor Aviation offers various flight services aside from its San Diego helicopter course selection too, providing clients with access to its outstanding aircraft and pilots. Clients can take advantage of services such as flight tours, location scouting, aerial photography and more while commercial projects such as field drying can also be obtained through Rotor Aviation’s expert flight team. The San Diego helicopter course provides rentals across its line of aircraft as well, offering pilots access to highly competitive, affordable rates.The Rotor Aviation website hosts full details on every one of the services and training opportunities available through the business, providing details for its San Diego helicopter courses and various programs. A friendly and knowledgeable customer service member is always standing by to answer questions, provide information and details or to book appointments and schedule customers for any of Rotor Aviation’s services.Through the San Diego helicopter course offered at Rotor Aviation anyone can learn the skills necessary for a hobby or career in the exciting world of flight. Visit one of Rotor Aviation’s locations, stop by its website or get in touch with a customer support member to learn more about the company or to schedule an appointment today.For more information on Rotor Aviation and its San Diego helicopter course, visit RotorAviation.

A Cessna 172 Flight Simulator Provides Many Benefits

February 23, 2010

Cessna aircraft and flight simulators are the most popular and easy to learn aircrafts ever.  It is probably the type of aircraft most people learn to fly first.  One of the easiest and fastest ways to learn to fly a Cessna airplane is to use a Cessna 172 flight simulator.  If you can access a realistic flight simulator, then you can learn to fly in the most affordable manner.

Most flight simulators make use of videos and instructions that teach you how to fly Cessna and other aircraft.  The videos help you see what to do, and the actual flight simulator software lets you do exactly what a pilot would do to fly the airplane.  They can really cut your training time to a minimum.  You can even specify the software of your desired aircraft such as a Cessna 172 flight simulator.  This way you can learn how to fly a Cessna airplane without having to actually take the risk of getting off the ground, at least until you feel ready.

In fact, flight simulator games are quite often chosen for actual training.  The software used in many of these flight simulator games is based on actual real life flying.  They feature real airports, real cockpits, real weather conditions, and more.  Flight sim enthusiasts love them because they can try almost any in air maneuver on almost any aircraft whether it is a Cessna 172, Citation X, or a Boeing 747 until they are able to master it.

Another real benefit of these pc flight simulator games is that there is a wide variety of aircraft.  For instance, one program features more than 100 aircraft, including helicopter simulators, zeppelins, and even the space shuttle.  In addition to the Cessna 172 flight simulator, you can experience the thrill of flying the Boeing 747 flight simulator, the fighter jet flight simulator, the Westland Lynx simulator, or an F 16 flight simulator.  It also keeps you from ever getting bored with just one type of aircraft.

The technology available today provides a much more realistic experience than was ever available before.  Modern graphics made pc flight simulator games extremely life like.  You can find software that will include most airports.  One package I know of includes 20,000 airports from all over the world with their real runways.  The scenery is better than Google Maps and is developed from real military maps.  You can also enjoy the realistic scenery and travel all over the world from your own computer.  Some programs give you everything in one package, and others nickel and dime you by making you pay to download each new place. 

No one has to settle for just the Cessna 172 flight simulator.  As long as you are looking for the most realistic and affordable pc flight simulator, you might as well choose one that gives you the options of hundreds of aircrafts, real airports and runways, realistic cockpit controls, real life scenery, real weather conditions, the ability to customize your aircraft.  Also find one that enables you to add hardware such as yokes, joysticks, foot rudders, and other controls.  Make the best of your money by cutting your training time and learning how to fly real aircraft with a quality pc flight simulator game.