Pilot Training in Kenya And The Qualification For Enrolment

April 8, 2010

Piloting has become the most demanding career and hence the need to have well established training institutions that care about time, the completion of the syllabus within the stipulated duration.

Qualification for One to Enroll As a Pilot.

You  require to first have educational  qualification up to  ‘O’ Level  that is Kenya Certificate of  Secondary Education with a minimum  grade of  C+ or  above with C+ in Mathematics, English  and any Science Subject and recently you must pass Geography and even  a Degree or a Masters.

 Admission to a Training Pilot Institution.

 You will sit for an aptitude paper combining Mathematics, English and General papers which before you sit you will pay anon-refundable fee of kshs 50,000=00 which includes 3 flying lessons to check your capability of handling the aircraft and if you a pilot born or a pilot to be made. Once you pass the aptitude you will go for medical check up with one of the approved Kenya Civil Aviation Authority doctors to check your health and eyesight o determine whether you are fit to fly thereafter if you pass the medical tests you will then proceed to apply for your Students Pilots License which will enable you to start your flying lessons as you will be also covered by insurance incase of any incident or accident before obtaining the SPL you will be flying at your own risk.

 Training Programme

(A)Private Pilots License (PPL).

 At this stage it is the initial and you are required to attain 55 flying hours before sitting for your flight test for a bright student and for slow learners it will go up to 75 hrs and above. There theory ground school learning you will undergo in Navigation, Meterology, Airlaw and Aircraft performance weight & balance which you must pass before you sit for your air test. It does matter how good you are in flying but it is a must for you to pass theory exams. The flight training will cost you for bright students kshs 870,000=00 including ground school and the duration should be 3 months if the weather is fine and you have the finances. The above training cost is only valid unless the government does not increase fuel or cost per mile or cost of spares and if they do the cost will be increased accordingly and it does increase up to 10% and at most 15% so when budgeting mark up the above price with 15% to be on the safe side. When you start flying if you are bright when you hit 20 hrs you should be able to go your first solo flight that is fly alone without an instructor and the law requires you to have attained 17 years. You can start training as a pilot when 16 yrs and a half   by concentrating more on theory and when you attain 17 you will have at least finished your grounds go your first solo flight and start flying continues and finish you PPL as you don’t have to finish your  secondary education to start flying. By the time you are through with your ‘O’ Levels you will be already with your PPL and start pursuing your Commercial Pilots License. You will be trained on C-152/150 and PA28.

 (B) Commercial Pilots License.

You will only qualify to do your Commercial Pilots License after passing your Private Pilots License. It will take upto 8 month to 1 year for bright students and for those with finances and with good weather. There are 11 subjects to be covered in theory and you must pass before sitting for your flight test. At this level you have to sacrifice you time minimize your social life, be dedicated and hardworking person to be able to complete this level and for bright students you will qualify after doing 145 flying hours on A Cessna 150/152,PA28, C-172/C-182  which will cost approximately  kshs 2.3 million.

 ( C )  Multi-IR Training

 This is the final stage and you will require 50 hrs training but you can use the C-172/C-182 with instruments which will reduce the cost for 30 hrs and the rest on twin engine and this will cost you less. You will sit for a technical type rating exam on the aircraft you will training you Instrument Rating and Multi. Once you pass you will then do a form 64 to get the aircraft endorsement on you licenses do your Multi Rating then you Instrument training which will cost you approximately kshs 1.5 million. Once you have you Mult IR then you are assured to get a job with Kenya Airways or one of the airlines or general aviation charter companies in Kenya.

 The total cost will be 4.8 million for you to become a full pilot. But people do arrange themselves in a such way they do it in pits due to finances and finally the make it do think you need the whole 4.8 million that is a white lie. You can even work and take early morning lessons or late evenings lessons for flying and attend weekend classes for your theory and complete your training.

 After your Private Pilots License graduation you can decide to go outside the country either to South Africa, United States of America or United Kingdom to complete your course there but keep in mind you will come back and still have to sit for conversion exams for grounds and flight which will cost approximately kshs 1 million. You will spend one month in theory conversion class for your license and 2 weeks on your flight conversion class if you have resources. This is on top of your full training and accommodation and meals overseas.So, please before you decide leaving the country for your pilot course please do your calculation consideration all aspects and analysis. There are consultancy firms with experts who will guide you on best institutions in Kenya which will ensure you complete your course with one year and half if you have finances and you are dedicated and hardworking students. These consultancy firms can even organize a yearly presentation in secondary schools for the 3rd year students when they are doing their career selections to advice them on how to make their dreams true for becoming pilots.