Top 5 Reasons To Move To Arizona

September 12, 2010

Are you looking for magnificent natural wonders? How about affordable housing? These are just two of the top five reasons to relocate to sunny Arizona.
Do you like sunny weather? Arizona can boast that it has, on average, 300 days (or more) of sunshine every year! Whether you believe it or not, the folks who reside in Arizona will be the first to tell you that the “dry heat” is much better than dealing with the “high humidity”. Ok, so you want to ski and snowboard? Just make a trip to Flagstaff during the winter and you can do both at an elevation of 12,000 feet.
Natural wonders in Arizona are many, but topping the list is the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Grand Canyon delivers breathtaking scenery, hiking, camping, and many other activities. Other popular natural wonders throughout the state of Arizona are Monument Valley, Saguaro National Park, the Colorado River and the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, to name a few. There is even a mountain in the shape of a camel! If you are a resident of Arizona, vacation spots are “right in your own backyard”.
Arizona can say it is the fastest growing state right now. According to Tom Rex, associate director of the Center for Competitiveness and Prosperity Research at Arizona State University, “There are housing developments sprouting everywhere, whether they are on former farmland or in the desert.” Housing is so affordable in Arizona, there are Californians who are relocating to take advantage of the reasonably priced homes.
Due to the fact that there is a phenomenal housing boom, the economy is very strong. With all of the homes being built, there are plenty of jobs, and Arizona is also “a hotbed of in-home businesses.”
Another good reason to move to Arizona is to live in Phoenix, “The Valley of the Sun”. This city has constantly earned top marks for its resort amenities, for its business climate and for its educational institutions. It has long been established as an ideal retirement city due to sun-filled, 85 degree days, more than 190 golf courses, and numerous other recreational opportunities. Phoenix features several health-care facilities throughout the city. Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo are each only a 6-hour drive or 1-hour flight from Phoenix.
A beautiful climate year round, natural wonders in every direction, affordable housing, a growing and strong economy (great job opportunities), and an exciting city like Phoenix are all compelling reasons to consider moving to Arizona. I might even consider it myself!

Many Wonderful Reasons To Call Arizona Home

April 23, 2010

There are a number of reasons that a home in Arizona is a goal for many individuals and families. From the gorgeous Grand Canyon in the north to the high Sonoran desert of central Arizona to the stunning saguaro forests of Tucson and southern Arizona, Arizona boasts a wealth of diverse climates, seasons and amenities. Combine that with stabilizing real estate values, hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, magnificent urban mountain ranges, year-round outdoor living, and plenty of sports and entertaining options, and it’s easy to see why Arizona is definitely a wonderful place to purchase a home and to live, work and do business.According to the Arizona Office of Tourism, Arizona is roughly divided into three geological zones: the deserts of the south and west, the mountainous central highlands, and the northern Colorado Plateau, named for the eons-old river that carved the Grand Canyon. Diversity within those divisions, including 10,000-foot-high mountains in the south and volcano-created plains in the central highlands, make it a generalization to say that southern Arizona is only hot in summer and northern Arizona is only cold in winter. However, for those looking to purchase a home, land or real estate in Arizona, that’s a generic rule of thumb to go by.Arizona’s two largest metropolitan areas – Greater Phoenix (which includes Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Carefree and Arizona State University in Tempe) and Greater Tucson (which includes the Oro Valley, Marana and the University of Arizona near downtown Tucson) lie in the state’s southern sector. If your heart is set on a warm climate, the central and southern areas of Arizona will undoubtedly appeal; the weather is perfect for indoor/outdoor living and entertaining and is definitely a sports-lover’s paradise, boasting a plethora of year-round championship golf courses, tennis gardens and pro-sports teams. In addition, nearly everyone enjoys having a backyard pool and spa, which can be designed as a simple and serene getaway or as a lavish resort-style oasis flaunting conversation fire-pits, blazing fire-pots, cascading boulder waterfalls, sensuous slides and lush tropical foliage.Meanwhile, Northern Arizona stands out for the Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, the slot canyons near Page, and the series of flooded canyons that became Lake Powell. The region’s other distinctive features include the awe-inspiring Painted Desert and the striking buttes and spires of Monument Valley. Miles away, north-central Arizona is host to the majestic red-rock cliffs and mesas of Sedona, Northern Arizona University and Flagstaff, the impressive Mogollon Rim, and so much more. All of these northern areas have four separate seasons, including flower-filled springs and not-too-hot summers awash with warm, sunny days. In fall, the weather is most often colorful, crisp and clear, while winter brings snowstorms ranging from light dustings to ski-worthy accumulations.

Arizona’s Painted Desert – 6 Great Reasons to Visit

March 13, 2010

Ever since I first set eyes on the Painted Desert in northern central Arizona I was immediately captivated by it’s unique rugged beauty. Covering 7,500 square miles starting from the Grand Canyon and spreading itself 150 miles in a south easterly direction, it’s width varying between 15 and 50 miles. Many mesas and buttes contour this sparse and arid land, with the multi layered Chinle formation displaying many different colours, sunrise and sunset have to be seen to be believed. These wonderful badlands are home to special places and fascinating people that will make your visit here a memorable one.

Petrified Forest National Park is situated at the very southern reaches, and features a 27 mile drive that can be taken at your leisure with many vantage points where petrified conifer trees from the Triassic period can be inspected up close. Some of the stop offs have paved trails that you can stroll at your own pace, while others like the Blue Mesa and Jasper Forest can only be seen from the viewpoints due to the delicate nature of the soil.

A house made entirely from petrified wood and some world famous petroglyphs are just two of the many interesting, and educational features of this beautiful park.

Drive the north and south rims of Canyon de Chelly by car, stopping off and walking down a trail to the white house ruins, this is free but can be tiring depending on your level of fitness. Here you will be greeted by the sight of a fabulous cliff dwelling built by the Anasazi and set into the sandstone sheer canyon wall. Access to the floor of the canyon is only permitted if you take a tour with a Navajo guide, this you will have to purchase but I guarantee the views will be breathtaking.

Just 35 miles east of Flagstaff is Meteor Crater, a visually stunning impact crater that was caused by a meteorite penetrating the earth’s atmosphere and slamming into the Arizona rock some 50,000 years ago. Used by Nasa to train the Apollo astronauts for the moon landings, this will get your camera clicking.

A short 12 mile drive north of Flagstaff will give you access to a loop road to Sunset Crater, this 1000 feet high volcano last erupted nearly 800 years ago and gets it’s name from the bright red cinder cone at it’s summit. By paying one entrance fee you also gain access to Wupatki National Monument, where well preserved ancient multi storey pueblos can be viewed at leisure.

The vast majority of the Painted Desert is the homeland of the Navajo Indians, whose tribal capital is Window Rock just south of Canyon de Chelly. A very informative museum in the capital will enlighten you of the Navajo past and lodgings are also available here. The Navajo farm and work the canyon floor, and if you do decide to take the tour, you can witness first hand the making of a Navajo rug and the interior of a hogan. Some of the most picturesque parts of these Arizona badlands are on Navajo soil.

Living atop 3 spectacular mesas, the Hopi Indian reservation is completely encircled by Navajo land. The Hopi are well known for their wicker basketry and pottery, but it is their very skilful work with sterling silver jewelry that makes them world famous. To be amongst the Hopi is indeed an experience, be sure to learn about the kachina dolls while you are there.

Well there you have it, six very good reasons to visit the Painted Desert, or El Desierto Pintado as the spanish named it.

Top 3 Reasons To Buy Used Cessna Parts For Your Aircraft

February 25, 2010

We all know that buying used Cessna parts is a good idea for aircraft owners and clubs.  The top three reasons to buy used Cessna parts for your aircraft are saving time, saving money, and finding hard to find used Cessna parts.  These three reasons are the main reasons to purchase used Cessna parts for your aircraft whether it is new or old.


Saving time is a no brainer.  When we need a part, we do not know whether the shop we call will have that part in stock now, or if they will be able to get it very soon even.  That creates a problem when we have a flight coming up and we need that part for the aircraft to be ready for the trip.  You never know if the company you are calling has the part you are looking for on back order and that may take weeks for them to get the part in before they even get to turn around and send it to you.  This is why you want to purchase from a salvage aircraft parts company, because if they sell it for you they are going to go out and get it for you and ship it right away.


The second reason is that you are going to be able to save money buying used Cessna parts.  More and more Cessna owners are finding that they can save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on the maintenance, repair and upgrades of their aircraft by purchasing used Cessna parts. If you purchase just a few used avionics units or a used engine for your Cessna you will find yourself saving thousands over buying new.  There are other parts available as well though.  From doors to seats to control surfaces, you can save a ton of money with used Cessna parts for your aircraft.


Salvage aircraft companies tend to have those hard to find parts on hand and readily available if they are worth their salt.  By purchasing used Cessna parts from a reputable aircraft salvage yard you increase the chances of getting the hard to find part that you need in a reasonable amount of time.  When your parts locator company goes looking for hard to find parts, odds are good they end up finding them at a salvage company in Minneapolis.


Those are the top three reasons to purchase used Cessna parts for your aircraft.  Saving time, money and finding the right hard to find parts are things I know I like to do and I am willing to bet you do too.