Spin, Flat Spin & Recovery (X-Plane Flight Simulator)

June 2, 2011

What a Good Flight simulator can do.

APS Training: Pilot Skills in Upset Recovery Overhaul

October 29, 2010

APS formally evaluated 115 licensed pilots, of varying experience and certification levels, in their ability to recover from extreme flight conditions representative of LOC-I scenarios. Overall performance varied somewhat within pilot certification levels with professional aviators showing the best results at a 42% success rate and private pilots flying small general aviation aircraft at 28%.

Spin Recovery – King Schools

April 2, 2009

How to recover from a spin! Amazing!! Click here to purchase this “Taming Stalls & Spins – DVD” course http://www.kingschools.com/searchresults.asp?code=304 For the complete King Schools selection, please visit http://www.kingschools.com/searchresults.asp?code=311

Duration : 0:1:3

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