Top Ten Things To Do On Your Kawartha Lakes Cottage Rental Vacation

March 6, 2010

Kawartha Lakes region forms a lovely destination for all those who want to get a memorable cottage rental vacation in Ontario. There are some 250 waterways and lakes to enjoy along with wide range of recreational opportunities. Apart from recreation, there are several attractions and events that make the visitors crave for more. Check out some of the best things to do in Kawartha Lakes. Golfing Are you a serious golfer or a novice with interest in game? Kawartha Lakes area includes lots of golf course that are designed to suit any level. You can choose your peak from 9 hole courses or 18 hole courses from the semi private or public golf facilities. You can also find several golf courses that are situated lakeside.Hunting and fishing Hunting and fishing are very famous in the Kawartha Lakes region. You can find several varieties of fishes such as Walleye, Muskellunge, Small and Large Mouth Bass, Bullhead, Sucker, Yellow Perch, and Carp.High speed boating It is a common view to watch the power boats taking on the tranquil waters of Kawartha. You can go on such boating tour and enjoy the wonderful views of the villages and towns. The professionals that guide the tourists in such power boating tour are highly experienced professionals. Hence, power boating is safe also. Kayaking and Canoeing Take on the rustic charm of the waters by boarding into kayaking. On the extreme north portion of the Kawartha Lakes connects some beautiful routes. Some prominent routes for kayaking and canoeing include the Drag River Route, Gull River System’s Main Route, Irondale Route, etc.Horseback riding If outdoor thrills excite you, then you can take on horseback riding amid the beautiful countryside of Kawartha Lakes. Eating out Kawartha Lakes area has a solution for every appetite. Any sorts of fooding and dining options you want, you will get here at the Kwartha Lakes. Whether it is ethnic food, gourmet dining, or anything else, Kawartha provides them all.Go for Spa How about providing your mind and body with complete relaxation amid a beautiful location? Spa is a fantastic idea and here you will get lots of high quality spa facilities such as Riverside spa, Eganridge Inn and Spa, Special Treatment Salon & Day Spa, Body & Sole The Village Spa, etc.Enjoy walking tours Walking tours can be the best thing to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Walking down the best attractions of Kawartha Lakes is not just relaxing, but educational and informative as well. Some of the popular walking tours include Omenee walking tour, Lindsay walking tour, Kinmount walking tour and Bobcaygeon walking tour.Shopping When you are out on a vacation, you obviously do some shopping. Enjoy the best of shopping in the city of Kwartha Lakes. Visit downtown boutiques, malls, farmer’s markets, antique shops, etc.A place to enjoy family fun There are lots of options to enjoy with your family in the city of Kawartha Lakes. You can make your afternoon time more interesting by hitting a nearby saddle or pond and try fishing. If you want some indoor fun, then you can always opt for indoor rock climbing, bowling, etc.

Testing: Goodyear MT/R with Kevlar

February 25, 2009

Goodyear sent us a set of the new Goodyear MT/R’s with Kevlar to try on about a month before the media event on 2/20/09 in Johnson Valley. We set a personal mission to try them in every imaginable surface type, for which Northern Arizona offers almost every condition possible from hot sand to icy rocks, and greasy mud to brownie batter mud. This is the G-rated synopsis of a month on those tires. Bottom line: they shed mud, sand, and snow like a prom dress; they love wet rocks, and they ride like butter on the highway, too–this tire will be hard to beat! Jeep Arizona/Farabee Jeep filmed in Sedona, Camp Verde, Morristown, and other Arizona locations.

Duration : 0:3:0

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