Mosquito XET Turbine Personal and Light Helicopter – You Can Own the Dream @ ROTOR F/X LLC

November 2, 2010

Mosquito XET Turbine helicopter – the flagship model of the five Mosquito ultralight and experimental personal light helicopters. With a purchase price of just over $40000 and total operating costs of just over $30 per hour this is the most economical high performance jet helicopter available. The XET can be used for personal and business transportation, training and extraordinarily inexpensive turbine time building, mustering, aerial imaging, law enforcement patrol, pipeline and powerline surveillance, agricultural spraying in confined areas and a host of other applications where a single place light helicopter is applicable. In the USA the Mosquito XET falls under the experimental category and is built as a kit. For other markets ROTOR F/X also provides a ReadyBuilt model ready to fly for just over $50000 which can be shipped worldwide. The Mosquito XET turbine helicopter comes equipped with the advanced MGL Avionics EFIS glass cockpit providing an array of features and capabilities such as moving maps, terrain awareness, full systems management and health monitoring, airport plates, GPS, altitude heading reference, 3D synthetic terrain with highway-in-the-sky navigation, traffic monitoring, route manager and flight data recorder. The Mosquito XET helicopter is one of five different Mosquito helicopters offered including two ultralight helicopters that do not require any license or flight medical to fly in the USA (the Mosquito AIR and Mosquito XEL). The remaining three

Rotor Aviation – Give a Gift of Flight with Helicopter Lessons in San Diego

March 27, 2010

With a New Year, so comes a new year of celebrations. There will always be birthdays and anniversaries; perhaps this new year, or the new decade, will bring graduations and weddings as well. Maybe the simple achievement of another year of health and happiness is enough reason to celebrate. Whatever the reason, whatever the occasion, if a celebratory gift is in order, why not give them the gift of flight with helicopter lessons in San Diego?Rotor Aviation is a reputable flight school that can turn the gift of flight into reality. For over ten years, they have been offering helicopter lessons in San Diego, bringing helicopter flight training to a wider audience and turning ordinary people into helicopter pilots. Structured according to the Federal Aviation Regulations, each course meets the experience requirements of the pilot rating sought. At the first level, students at Rotor Aviation can earn a Private Helicopter Pilot Certificate. This boundary-expanding license enables the holder to fly privately to virtually any helicopter-friendly destination. The Private Pilot Certificate course involves Jeppessen books for the course work, ground instruction, dual flight instruction, a written test, and the excitement of an In-flight and Oral test. If a student is able to commit to one and a half hours per day of instruction and study, he/she can earn a Private Pilot’s License in four weeks. Imagine the sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes with the gift of helicopter lessons!Beyond the Private Helicopter Pilot Certificate, Rotor Aviation also offers helicopter lessons in San Diego for an Instrumental Pilot Rating, a Commercial Pilot Certificate, a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, or a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate. The knowledgeable, real-world instructors are enthusiastic about their profession and happy to pass on their skills in the classroom and the cockpit.Based at Gillespie Field, ten miles from downtown San Diego, Rotor Aviation provides their students with one of the most diverse helicopter flying environments in which to learn to fly. The stable climate and long sunny days in Southern California practically guarantee that a student will be able to maximize his or her daily flying hours and achieve their certification goals quickly. A student may have to fight a little traffic to get to their helicopter lessons in San Diego, but can be satisfied with the thought that he or she will be able to simply fly over the traffic in the future!Rotor Aviation is proud of their high teaching standards and efficiency. Their students are able to achieve their certification in less time than most other flight schools, making them a productive cost efficient school. They accept only as many students as they can handle, and then work to make sure that each individual has the necessary support and time of the instructor to be able to reach his or her personal aviation goals.For more information or to find out how to register for helicopter lessons in San Diego, visit RotorAviation.

Rotor Aviation – A Helicopter Flight School In San Diego That Meets Goals

March 24, 2010

A new year and a brand new decade are just around the corner. New Year’s resolutions are starting to creep into conversations as people begin to take stock of the past year and decide what they would like to change in their lives, what life goals they would like to achieve. Becoming more fit is a popular resolution, quitting smoking is another common life improvement goal, but what if your goals are less about improvement and more about achievement. Learn a new language, learn to play an instrument, go bungee jumping, write a book, volunteer, or learn to fly a helicopter: these resolutions generally start with the phrase “I’ve always wanted to…” Perhaps 2010 will be the year that ends with “I’m so glad I did it!”.Rotor Aviation is one business that can help turn a resolution into an accomplishment. For over ten years, this helicopter flight school in San Diego has been in operation, bringing helicopter flight training to a wider audience and turning ordinary people into helicopter pilots. Structured according to the Federal Aviation Regulations, each course meets the experience requirements of the pilot rating sought. Students at Rotor Aviation can earn a Private Helicopter Pilot Certificate, an Instrumental Pilot Rating, a Commercial Pilot Certificate, a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, or a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate. Rotor Aviation’s founder based the business’ principals on all the good elements of a flight training school. Having worked in the industry as an instructor, he identified some of the key positive elements of a good helicopter flight school, and some of the practices and attributes of a poor flight school. Focusing on the good, he first offered flexible classes with well-maintained equipment in a positive, supportive learning environment. From a humble beginning of one aircraft and one instructor, the helicopter flight school in San Diego has grown to quadruple its helicopters and its instructors. Anyone seeking to realize a life goal of learning to fly will be in good hands at Rotor Aviation. The knowledgeable, real-world instructors are enthusiastic about their profession and happy to pass on their skills in the classroom and the cockpit.  Helpful, experienced and supportive, instructors at Rotor Aviation set the bar high for helicopter flight schools around the country.Want to reach that New Year’s goal quicker? Rotor Aviation is proud of their high teaching standards and efficiency. Their students are able to achieve their certification in less time than most other flight schools, making them a productive cost efficient school. They accept only as many students as they can handle, and then work to make sure that each individual has the necessary support and time of the instructor to be able to reach his or her personal aviation goals. Why wait another decade? Take the first step towards achieving a life goal. For more information or to find out how to register for helicopter flight school in San Diego, visit RotorAviation.

Rotor Aviation Provides An Outstanding San Diego Helicopter Course And Training

March 21, 2010

Rotor Aviation is a renowned flight instruction service and facility, hosting the premier San Diego helicopter course and much more. Its staff of highly-educated trainers and coaches are passionate about their work and eager to pass on their experience and flying expertise through one of Rotor Aviation’s San Diego helicopter courses.The team at Rotor Aviation is committed to its work, seeking to educate students and provide the greatest possible facilities through its outstanding San Diego helicopter course and flight training programs. Rotor Aviation has grown since its foundation and now offers facilities across the LA Basin, providing California with outstanding Torrance, Long Beach and San Diego helicopter courses.Rotor Aviation has garnered numerous accolades for its dedication to flight instruction, leading the LA Basin with the provision of San Diego helicopter courses. Students of the Rotor Aviation flight school can choose to receive education in a variety of fields, training in private and commercial piloting or specializing in programs designed for guidance in instrument control and more. Advanced pilots can register with Rotor Aviation’s San Diego helicopter course to receive certification as well, the flight instructors acting as qualified coaches for any student’s specific test preparation requirements.The business possesses an array of fantastic vehicles for rental and educational use at the San Diego helicopter course, ensuring that every student enjoys the opportunity of learning to pilot with the use of one of the industry’s greatest helicopters. Rotor Aviation is equipped with exceptional aircraft models such as the Robinson R22, Robinson R44 and Bell 206 BIII. Each of the vehicles used by Rotor Aviation’s San Diego helicopter course and rental programs is regularly serviced and inspected to ensure the safety of each pilot and student.Rotor Aviation offers various flight services aside from its San Diego helicopter course selection too, providing clients with access to its outstanding aircraft and pilots. Clients can take advantage of services such as flight tours, location scouting, aerial photography and more while commercial projects such as field drying can also be obtained through Rotor Aviation’s expert flight team. The San Diego helicopter course provides rentals across its line of aircraft as well, offering pilots access to highly competitive, affordable rates.The Rotor Aviation website hosts full details on every one of the services and training opportunities available through the business, providing details for its San Diego helicopter courses and various programs. A friendly and knowledgeable customer service member is always standing by to answer questions, provide information and details or to book appointments and schedule customers for any of Rotor Aviation’s services.Through the San Diego helicopter course offered at Rotor Aviation anyone can learn the skills necessary for a hobby or career in the exciting world of flight. Visit one of Rotor Aviation’s locations, stop by its website or get in touch with a customer support member to learn more about the company or to schedule an appointment today.For more information on Rotor Aviation and its San Diego helicopter course, visit RotorAviation.

Recession Proof Jobs From The Rotor Aviation Helicopter Flight School In Long Beach, CA

March 17, 2010

“I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to let you go. It’s nothing personal – it’s just this crazy recession.”What loyal worker wants to hear those words uttered from his or her supervisor? Absolutely no one, that’s who. So what can you do to practically ensure that your career is recession-proof? A great option (if you’re so inclined) is to get the right credentials and experience to become a helicopter pilot.Helicopter pilots enjoy a wide range of career opportunities, including, but not limited to, these pathways to success:• corporate helicopter pilot• charter helicopter pilot• test helicopter pilot• helicopter flight instructor• agricultural helicopter pilot• EMS helicopter pilot• law enforcement helicopter pilot• sightseeing helicopter pilot• location scouting helicopter pilotNot only is the pay grade for a helicopter pilot in the 21st century attractive, but because it’s unlikely that helicopter pilots will ever be in short demand, it’s a field that is ideal for men and women with the right drive and personality to fly this type of aircraft.Of course, in order to take advantage of the benefits of this stable occupation, any potential pilot must enter into and graduate from a reputable helicopter flight school. And make no mistake about this step – the right kind of helicopter flight training is essential. Without it, potential employers will not be as likely to hire a helicopter pilot candidate.So what should you look for in a helicopter flight school? First, seek out one that offers a safe and secure helicopter flight training environment. Many “schools” are merely educational institutions in name only and have given little thought to the security of their pupils. This unnecessarily increases the risk factor to students and should be avoided.Next, pick a helicopter flight school that appreciates and addresses the fact that many helicopter pilots-in-training have varying schedules. Thus, the helicopter flight school should be operating in a way that’s convenient for pupils (e.g., its “customer-centric” instead of “egocentric”).Third, find a helicopter flight school that’s respected in the helicopter industry. Choose one that has the respect you want and deserve. Be cautious about attending one that seems to regularly cut corners or have a so-so (or terrible) reputation.Fourth, invest your savings in helicopter flight training schools that provide you with information to financial assistance or payment options. All that are trustworthy will be more than happy to help you find ways to pay for instruction.Fifth, be certain your helicopter flight school is offering enough hours in the air. If you don’t get the necessary amounts, you will be unable to get your pilot’s license until you do.And finally, choose a helicopter flight school that you know takes care of its aircraft. If they aren’t picky about the maintenance of their equipment, there’s no way that you can be assured of your wellbeing.So could helicopter flight training be the answer to your career dreams? You’ll never know until you explore your options. Contact a Long Beach California helicopter flight school today and see how you can be certain you’re “soaring” in your profession. For more information, visit RotorAviation.

Rotor Aviation – Tips On Making It Through Helicopter Flight Training In San Diego, CA

March 2, 2010

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot? If so, you may have considered attending a helicopter flight school. But before you make the decision to invest your energy into helicopter flight training, it’s a good idea to see if you have the basic characteristics to do well in such an environment.Below is a checklist of eight personality traits that most successful helicopter flight school graduates possess. Although it’s not necessary for you to see each attribute in yourself, you should have at least half or more of the qualities.1. Ability to Follow Rules:In order to stay safe during your helicopter flight training, you must be prepared to accept and follow rules. If you’re a person who always has to “try something new” and who cannot conform, you may not enjoy towing the line when it comes to procedures and policies.2. Self-Discipline:Helicopter pilots must possess large amounts of self-discipline. This may mean making choices that are unpopular or unexciting but are best for the safety of the pilot, the passengers (if applicable) and the equipment.3. Thirst for Knowledge :Those who do well in helicopter flight training don’t simply study their manuals; they actively seek out all the information they can find. This helps them get more out of the helicopter flight school experience.4. Ability to Stay Cool under Pressure:Pilots must be cool under pressure, especially when dealing with the unexpected, such as helicopter malfunctions or incidents attributable to “Mother Nature”. If you’re someone who can’t remain calm when there is chaos around you, becoming a helicopter pilot may be too stressful.5. Enjoyment of Air Travel:This may seem obvious, but many attendees of helicopter flight schools forget that in order to do particularly well, they really have to enjoy traveling by air. This means feeling comfortable at significant heights and in physically demanding positions.6. Passion for Excellence:Do you strive to give 110% all the time, every time? If so, you’ll probably do very well during your helicopter flight training. On the other hand, if you are someone who is satisfied with doing the bare minimum, becoming a pilot may be too strenuous for you.7. Good Communicator:As a helicopter pilot, you will be required to communicate on a regular basis with a number of different people. If you’re not able to do so, you may find it a challenge to rise through the ranks of pilots.8. Respect for Others:Pilots must be very “in tune” with the people with whom they work. For instance, if a passenger is terrified to fly in a helicopter, the onus may land squarely on the pilot’s shoulders to empathize with that individual. Everyone wants to be treated with respect.So is attending a helicopter flight school in your future? If you’re the right age and you possess more than 50% of the eight qualities above, why not give it a try? It’s an amazing career path or pastime for the right man or woman. And who knows? That could be you!For more information, visit

Rotor Aviation – Learn To Fly At The Top Helicopter Flight Training Facility In Long Beach

February 28, 2010

Rotor Aviation serves the Long Beach area with exceptional helicopter flight training, allowing members of the community the opportunity to further existing training experience or begin learning a completely new skill. A team of friendly, highly-qualified and passionate instructors are ready to share their knowledge with students today through the helicopter flight training at Rotor Aviation, Long Beach.Our staff of helicopter flight training experts have years of experience in the field, having worked and taught at a number of world-class facilities before coming to Long Beach’s Rotor Aviation. Since the establishment of the Rotor Aviation helicopter flight training school in 2000 at Long Beach, our team has continually provided an educational experience that has enhanced or provided new skills to every student enrolled in one of our programs.Rotor Aviation’s Long Beach helicopter flight training provides a great range of educational services for any skill level. We offer private or commercial helicopter flight training and also teach specific skill sets for areas such as instrument education. Rotor Aviation is qualified to prepare students with helicopter flight training for certified flight instruction as well. Our entire line-up of programs is designed with every type of student in mind and we are dedicated to the provision of outstanding helicopter flight training no matter the registrant in question. Rotor Aviation’s Long Beach location hosts a FLYIT flight simulator on site as well, giving every student access to cutting-edge technology that increases safety and education with hands-on experience.All of our Long Beach, San Diego and Torrance helicopter flight training programs are affordably priced to ensure that every potential student is able to budget their education. We are committed to sharing our expertise in helicopter flight training with every interested party and have provided the lowest possible prices in order to make our services widely available. Financing programs are offered through Rotor Aviation’s helicopter flight training too. If you’re hesitant to begin an education in helicopter flight training then please refer to these services to see exactly how affordable Rotor Aviation’s Long Beach location can make your learning experience.Visit the Rotor Aviation website today to learn more about our variety of helicopter flight training services available at our Long Beach location. We’ve worked hard to provide plenty of detail on every aspect of our Long Beach, San Diego and Torrance school sites so that potential students are able to fully discover the opportunities available with Rotor Aviation. Our helicopter flight training service is the greatest possible experience for interested parties and we’ve filled our online home with plenty of details. If you’re unable to find any required information through our site then don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives for assistance.Rotor Aviation is the leader in Long Beach helicopter flight training and is excited to provide an enjoyable, educational and fun experience for every potential student. Whether you’re a complete novice or looking to improve on existing skills, the Long Beach Rotor Aviation helicopter flight training school is the perfect fit for your needs.For more information, visit RotorAviation.

Sporty’s So You Want to Fly Helicopters

January 20, 2009

This remake of Sporty’s very first video production brings helicopter flight into your living room like you’ve never seen before. Completely redesigned with vivid 3D animations and all new exciting in-flight video, this program will thoroughly prepare you for the challenges of rotary-wing flight and help you master the aerodynamic concepts with ease. In addition to covering all the specific information needed to pass the helicopter portion of the FAA Private Pilot exam, you will also be mentally prepared for your flight lessons. This comprehensive program includes preflight, basics of flight, hovering, taxiing, takeoffs and landings, maneuvers, weight and balance, autorotation, emergency procedures, systems and components, FARs and more. We’ll also cover the fundamentals of helicopter navigation and cross-helicopters, such as the Robinson R22 and R44, Schweizer 269, and the Bell 206 Jetranger. After viewing this program, you’ll know exactly what it takes to safely and proficiently fly a helicopter and open up a whole other world of powered flight. Approx. 89 min.

Duration : 0:4:26

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