AZ Schools: Send Obese Kids Home With A Note?

January 3, 2011

New TYT Network channels: New TYT Facebook Page(!): Follow us on Twitter: DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): Check Out TYT Interviews FLAGSTAFF – The Flagstaff school district will be sending letters to parents whose elementary school children are overweight or headed in that direction. “These are serious, serious problems going on inside of these children now, and we have to do drastic things to make them better,” pediatrician Nina Souders told the Flagstaff Unified School District board last week. Flagstaff physicians and nurses are reporting obesity-related diabetes in children as young as age 4. The school district’s top nurse estimates about 50 percent of the district’s elementary school students will be classified as overweight or bordering on overweight. Elementary school students will be weighed and measured this fall with help from Flagstaff Medical Center’s Fit Kids staff and North Country HealthCare. The nonprofits will target education efforts, particularly to schools with more students with severe weight problems. Letters will go to parents of students who are underweight, overweight or marginally overweight, and will include graphs showing a range of weights for a given age and height

Learn to Fly a Helicopter in Australia | Australian Helicopter Flight Schools

October 11, 2010 Learn to fly, Helicopter flight training, PPL (H), CPL (H), ATPL (H), Helicopter schools, helicopter training,Aerologistics, Aerowasp Helicopters, Air T & G, Bankstown Helicopters, Fleet Helicopters, Helicopters Pty Ltd, HTT – Helicopter Transport and Training, Newcastle…

Practical Risk Management for Takeoffs & Landings – KING SCHOOLS Video

October 6, 2010

50% of all accidents occur during takeoffs and landings. That’s because these critical phases of flight require not only physical skill but also superior decision-making risk management that’s frequently overlooked during typical flight training. For the complete King Schools selection, please visit

Cessna Private Pilot CBI – KING SCHOOLS Video

June 23, 2010 For the complete King Schools selection, please visit http

10 Top Mechanic Schools and Automotive Colleges

April 11, 2010

You are a gearhead. Why not get paid big bucks for it?
You love the roar of the horsepower and smell of the rubber hitting the road. You would rather restore a rusted-out piece of you-know-what to it’s former glory than buy a car new.
You would tear apart a big-block V8 and see what makes it tick – than watch football for 8 hours on any given Sunday. You, my friend, should be doing what you love, and getting paid good top dollar for it.
The schools listed below may be just the ticket you need to take the next step and become a professional mechanic. Get real-world mechanic training in state-of-the-art shops from automotive instructors who know what they’re doing.Universal Technical Institute
Universal Technical Institute (UTI) offers the training you need for an exciting career as an Automotive, Diesel or Collision Repair & Refinishing technician in a little more than a year. With nine locations nationwide, manufacturer specific training for Audi, BMW, Ford FACT, International, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Volkswagen and Volvo, and the incredible high performance training at Hot Rod U, you need to take a look at what UTI has to offer.WyoTech
WyoTech is dedicated to superior quality, college-level, career-oriented education in the automotive, diesel, motorcycle, aviation, marine watercraft and collision/refinishing industries. Most WyoTech diploma programs can be completed in less than a year and a half, and there are seven WyoTech campuses located across the country. WyoTech prepares students for the post-graduation working world by teaching on a workday, not a school day schedule. Most students attend classes approximately eight hours a day, five days a week. This is real world technician training for Automotive, Motorcycle, Collision & Refinishing, Aviation, Diesel and Marine technology.NASCAR Technical Institute
Shift your training into high gear and let over a half a century of racing heritage work for you! NASCAR and UTI have teamed up to open the first-ever NASCAR Technical Institute (NTI) – a training facility committed to high performance, not only on the track, but also in the classroom. Here you’ll receive a wide range of automotive technology courses to train you for a rewarding career as an entry-level automotive technician with the added boost of NASCAR-specific courses and a Ford FACT elective that revs up your training and delivers a fast-paced, well-rounded course of study.YTI Career Institute
Motorcycle popularity has become mainstream – proven by the increase in riders. With this growth comes the demand for skilled technicians for motorcycle repair and maintenance. At YTI Career Institute’s new Motorcycle Technology Center, you get real-world training in a 15,000 square foot facility which includes motorcycle diagnostic & test equipment – including a DynoJet ® 250i dynamometer – 16 fully equipped service bays, wireless Internet access throughout the campus and student laptop computers.Marine Mechanics Institute
The Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI) provides real-world marine technician training programs to start your career in the marine industry. With support and/or endorsements from major marine manufacturers such as American Honda, American Suzuki, Mercury Marine, Volvo-Penta, SeaDoo, Polaris, Bombardier, Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA, and Yamaha Motor Corp. you can train to be a marine technician and launch your career in as little as 60 weeks.Baran Institute of Technology
Since our founding in 1979, Baran Institute of Technology has emphasized exciting hands-on training in our automotive technical programs and electrical technical programs. You get to work and learn on real projects — for practical knowledge you can use in the real world. Programs include auto body, automotive, CDL, diesel and motorcycle training.Nashville Auto Diesel College
Love cars and trucks? Get the technical training you need for a rewarding mechanic career at NADC. For over 80 years, Nashville Auto-Diesel College (NADC) has been providing students like you with the hands-on training they need to succeed. Career focused diploma and associates degree programs are available in diesel, collision and refinishing repair, and high performance technologies.Motorcycle Mechanics Institute
The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) Motorcycle Technology programs provide the knowledge and skills you need to become a successful entry-level motorcycle technician. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) has two great locations: Phoenix, Arizona or Orlando, Florida, each offering a wealth of exciting places to explore and enjoy with people who share your passion for motorcycles.Lincoln Technical Institute
Are you looking for hands-on training at a well-respected technical school? Since its founding as a post-war job skill training source in 1946, Lincoln Technical Institute has been helping people just like you achieve their goals in the skilled trades. With national accreditation, state licensing, career education and career placement expertise, Lincoln Tech knows what it takes to help give you the competitive edge you need to not only compete but be successful in today’s fast-paced marketplace.
Regardless of whether you’re still in high-school trying to figure out ‘what you want to be’ or a bit older and looking for a career change to get you out of your current dead-end job, a career in automotive mechanics may be the answer you are looking for. The top mechanic colleges listed above are the best in the business. Take a look at what they have to offer and decide for yourself. Good luck!

Helicopter Pilot Training – Flight Schools, Helicopter Pilot Licenses And Federal Aviation Regulations (Far)

April 7, 2010

There are numerous ways to gain helicopter pilot training. Some methods include attending flight school, obtaining an undergraduate degree in aviation, gaining hands-on experience with an airline, or training as a helicopter pilot in the military. If you arent sure about what kind of training to choose, take a look at the following options.It is possible to gain pilot training through hands-on experience (as mentioned above). To do this, you will have to gain 40 hours of flight time, 20 hours of flight training, and 10 hours of solo training. In addition to this time spent in the sky with a licensed instructor, you will also have to have 3 hours of nigh flying, 3 hours of cross-country training, 3 takeoff and landing trips, ten hours of solo flight time, and 3 hours of flight time exercised 60 days before any formal testing.All of the above information pertains to section 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). This section of the FAR is heavily dependent upon hands-on training, though formal training is also important. While this may seem like a simpler option than an extensive amount of formal training, gaining a license based upon FAR 61 is also incredibly time consuming. Then again, if you prefer to train through experience, then this type of training may be ideal for your learning style.141 training also includes a lot of hands-on experience, though this type of training requires enrolment in flight school. 141 training includes class work, specific courses, and a general scholastic type of atmosphere. The FAA must approve all class work that will be part of any 141 training program. Generally, 141 training will take 35 hours to complete, while section 61 training will take 40 hours to complete.If you have a lot of time to complete your helicopter licensing, then enrolling in a flight school in order to obtain 141 training is probably a better bet. However, 61 training can be just as worthwhile if you only want to gain hands-on experience. As with any other kind of academic course or training, the best way to determine the program thats right for you is to figure out what kind of student you are. Students who benefit from hands-on training may find 141 training lacking, while students who prefer a structured classroom environment will enjoy 141 training.Either way, some type of formal training is necessary in order to gain a helicopter pilot license. No matter what kind of pilot you want to become, make sure that you follow the necessary training steps. While each country differs according to the type of training that you will need, all countries require helicopter pilots to have valid training before attempting to fly a helicopter of any kind.Completing the helicopter pilot training and helicopter pilot licenses requirements opens the doors to some of the best, most fulfilling and lucrative careers available in today’s economy. Whether you wish to fly for fun, to support your own business or to serve another sector, becoming a helicopter pilot is one of the best ways to make it happen. Want to fly? You can! Becoming a helicopter pilot is attainable for nearly anyone – all you need is the proper drive and training!

Excelling Arizona Schools Named for 2004-2005 School Year

March 18, 2010

As with many school systems across the United States, Arizona Schools have several measurement and accountability programs in place to improve student scholastic achievement. One accountability program for the Arizona schools is the AZ LEARNS achievement program. AZ LEARNS holds all Arizona schools accountable for the performance of their students and teachers, measuring performance over several years versus a snapshot one-year measurement. The AZ LEARNS evaluation is based upon four established measurements already required by the Arizona schools. They are:

• AIMS Scores — Measures reading, language arts and mathematics for elementary schools; and reading, writing and mathematics for high schools.
• MAP — Measure of Academic Progress for schools, where students scores for AIMS and SATs are compared to the state average.
• Graduation/Dropout Rates — Used for the high schools.
• AYP — Adequate Yearly Progress measures student proficiency in the state’s academic standards of reading and mathematics over time.

The AZ LEARNS program for the Arizona schools categorizes schools on a graded scale as either:

• Failing to meet academic standards,
• Underperforming,
• Performing,
• Highly Performing, or
• Excelling.

The Arizona schools for the 2004-2005 school year that were named Excelling are (listed by district/charter and school):

Arizona schools’ Academy of Tucson, Inc. Academy of Tucson Middle School
Arizona schools’ Alhambra Elementary District Alhambra Traditional School
Arizona schools’ Allen-Cochran Enterprises, Inc. Center for Educational Excellence
Arizona schools’ Amphitheater Unified District Canyon Del Oro High School
Richard B. Wilson Jr. School
Winifred Harelson Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Arizona School for the Arts Arizona School for the Arts — both
elementary & high school
Arizona schools’ BASIS School, Inc. BASIS Tucson — both elementary &
high school
Arizona schools’ Basis School, Inc. — Scottsdale Basis Scottsdale
Arizona schools’ Benchmark School, Inc. Benchmark School
Arizona schools’ Benjamin Franklin Charter School Benjamin Franklin Charter School in
both Gilbert and Mesa
Arizona schools’ Bright Beginnings School, Inc. Bright Beginnings School #1
Arizona schools’ CASY Country Day School CASY Country Day School #1
Arizona schools’ Catalina Foothills Unified District Canyon View Elementary School
Catalina Foothills High School
Esperero Canyon Middle School
Manzanita School
Orange Grove Middle School
Sunrise Drive Elementary School
Ventana Vista Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Cave Creek Unified District Cactus Shadows High School/PSH
Desert Arroyo Middle School
Desert Sun Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Challenge School, Inc. Challenge Charter School
Arizona schools’ Chandler Unified District Anna Marie Jacobson Elementary
Basha Elementary
Basha High School
Chandler High School
Chandler Traditional Academy —
Liberty Campus
Hamilton High School
Jane D. Hull Elementary
John M. Andersen Elementary School
Robert and Danell Tarwater
Sanborn Elementary School
Santan K-8
Shumway Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Crane Elementary District Ronald Reagan Fundamental School
Arizona schools’ D.W. Higgins Institute D.W. Higgins Institute
Arizona schools’ Daisy Education Corporation Sonoran Science Academy — both elementary & high school
Arizona schools’ Deer Valley Unified District Arrowhead Elementary School
Cooper Creek Elementary
Desert Sage Elementary School
Greenbrier Elementary School
Hillcrest Middle School
Legend Springs Elementary
Mountain Ridge High School
Sierra Verde Elementary
Arizona schools’ East Valley Academy East Valley Academy
Arizona schools’ Edu-Prize, Inc. Edu-Prize
Arizona schools’ Flagstaff Junior Academy Flagstaff Junior Academy
Arizona schools’ Flagstaff Unified District Charles W. Sechrist Elementary School
Flagstaff Middle School
Manuel DeMiguel Elementary School
Thomas M. Knoles Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Foothills Academy Foothills Academy — both elementary & high school
Arizona schools’ Fort Huachuca Accommodation District Colonel Smith Middle School
Arizona schools’ Fountain Hills Unified District McDowell Mountain Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Franklin Phonetic Primary School, Inc. Franklin Phonetic Primary School
Arizona schools’ Gilbert Unified District Ashland Elementary
Carol Rae Ranch Elementary
Desert Ridge High
Finley Farms Elementary
Gilbert High School
GPS Traditional Academy
Greenfield Junior High School
Highland High School
Highland Junior High School
Islands Elementary School
Patterson Elementary School
Playa del Rey Elementary School
Sonoma Ranch Elementary School
Spectrum Elementary
Technology and Leadership Academy
Towne Meadows Elementary School
Val Vista Lakes Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Glendale Union High School District Sunnyslope High School
Arizona schools’ Heritage Academy, Inc. Heritage Academy — both elementary
& high school
Arizona schools’ Hermosa Montessori Center Hermosa Montessori Charter
Arizona schools’ Horizon Community Learning Center, Inc. Horizon Community Learning Center
Arizona schools’ Humanities and Sciences Academy of the US, Inc. Humanities and Sciences High School
Arizona schools’ Ideabanc, Inc. AmeriSchools College Preparatory
Academy — Tucson
Arizona schools’ James Madison Preparatory School James Madison Preparatory School —
both elementary & high school
Arizona schools’ Joseph City Unified District Joseph City Junior/Senior High School
Arizona schools’ Keystone Montessori Charter School, Inc. Keystone Montessori Charter School
Arizona schools’ Khalsa Family Services Khalsa School

Arizona schools’ Khalsa Montessori Elementary Schools Khalsa Montessori Elementary School
— Phoenix
Arizona schools’ Kyrene Elementary District C. I. Waggoner School
Kyrene Akimel A-Al Middle School
Kyrene Altadena Middle School
Kyrene Aprende Middle School
Kyrene Centennial Middle School
Kyrene de la Colina School
Kyrene de la Esperanza School
Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary
Kyrene de la Mariposa School
Kyrene de la Mirada School
Kyrene de la Paloma School
Kyrene de la Sierra School
Kyrene de las Brisas School
Kyrene de las Manitas School
Kyrene de los Cerritos School
Kyrene del Cielo School
Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School
Kyrene Middle School
Kyrene Monte Vista School
Arizona schools’ Lifelong Learning Research Institute, Inc. Lifelong Learning Academy
Arizona schools’ Litchfield Elementary District Litchfield Elementary School
Palm Valley Elementary
Arizona schools’ Madison Elementary District Madison Heights School
Madison Meadows School
Madison Park School
Madison Richard Simis School
Arizona schools’ Marana Unified District Coyote Trail Elementary School
Quail Run Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Mary Ellen Halvorson Educational Foundation Tri-City Prep High School
Arizona schools’ Mesa Unified District Barbara Bush Elementary School
Entz Elementary School
Falcon Hill Elementary School
Franklin Elementary School
Franklin Northeast School
Franklin South
Franklin West Elementary
George Smith
Hale Elementary School
Hermosa Vista Elementary School
Ishikawa Elementary School
Las Sendas Elementary School
Mountain View High School
Poston Junior High School
Red Mountain High School
Sunridge Learning Center
Arizona schools’ Miami Unified District Las Lomas Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Mission Montessori Academy Mission Montessori Academy
Arizona schools’ Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff, Inc. Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff
— Campus
Arizona schools’ Montessori Schoolhouse of Tucson, Inc. Montessori Schoolhouse
Arizona schools’ Nogales Unified District Vasquez De Coronado Francisco
Arizona schools’ Northland Preparatory Academy Northland Preparatory Academy —
both elementary & high school
Arizona schools’ Palominas Elementary District Coronado Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Paradise Valley Unified District Boulder Creek Elementary School
Copper Canyon Elementary School
Desert Shadows Middle School
Desert Springs Elementary School
Desert Trails Elementary School
Grayhawk Elementary School
Horizon High School
Larkspur Elementary School
Liberty Elementary School
Mercury Mine Elementary School
Mountain Trail Middle School
North Ranch Elementary School
Pinnacle High School
Pinnacle Peak Elementary
Quail Run Elementary School
Sandpiper Elementary School
Sonoran Sky Elementary School
Sunrise Middle School
Arizona schools’ Peoria Unified School District Apache Elementary School
Canyon Elementary School
Centennial High School
Copperwood School
Ironwood High School
Oakwood Elementary School
Paseo Verde Elementary School
Sunrise Mountain High School
Arizona schools’ Prescott Unified District Abia Judd Elementary School
Pescott High School
Arizona schools’ Queen Creek Unified District Jack Barnes Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Scottsdale Unified District Anasazi Elementary
Arcadia High School
Aztec Elementary School
Chaparral High School
Cherokee Elementary School
Cheyenne Traditional Elementary
Cochise Elementary School
Cocopah Middle School
Copper Ridge Elementary School
Copper Ridge Middle School
Desert Canyon Elementary
Desert Canyon Middle School
Desert Mountain High School
Hopi Elementary School
Kiva Elementary School
Laguna Elementary School
Mountainside Middle School
Pima Elementary School
Saguaro High School
Sequoya Elementary School
Zuni Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Sedona-Oak Creek Joint Unified District Big Park Community School
Arizona schools’ Self Development Charter School Self Development Charter School
Arizona schools’ Show Low Unified District Linden Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Skyview School, Inc. Skyview School
Arizona schools’ Sonoita Elementary District Elgin Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Tanque Verde Unified District Agua Caliente School
Emily Gray Junior High School
Tanque Verde Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Tempe Elementary District Rover Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Tempe Preparatory Academy Tempe Preparatory Academy — both
elementary & high school
Arizona schools’ Tempe Union High School District Corona Del Sol High School
Desert Vista High School
Mountain Pointe High School
Arizona schools’ Tucson Unified District Fruchthendler Elementary School
Gale Elementary School
Ida Flood Dodge Traditional Middle
Magnet School
Miles-Exploratory Learning Center
Sabino High School
Sahuaro High School
University High School
Arizona schools’ Vail Unified District Cottonwood Elementary School
Desert Sky Middle School
Desert Willow Elementary School
Mesquite Elementary School
Arizona schools’ Valley Academy, Inc. Valley Academy
Arizona schools’ Veritas Preparatory Academy Veritas Preparatory Academy — both
elementary & high school
Arizona schools’ Washington Elementary District Abraham Lincoln Traditional School
Lookout Mountain School
Arizona schools’ West Gilbert Charter Elementary School, Inc. West Gilbert Charter Elementary
Arizona schools’ Young Elementary District Young Teaching High School

In addition to the Excelling schools, Arizona schools named 255 schools across the state as Highly Performing schools.

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Flight Schools in the USA

March 13, 2010

Pilot training is a hard job. You must enroll at a prestigious and excellent school to train to become a great pilot.
An aviator or a pilot is a person who flies airplanes or any form of aircraft. Aviator is the broader term for pilot. Aviators can also pertain to persons who are bombardiers, navigators, flight engineers, electronic warfare officials and radar operators. The term “aviator” must not be confused with a “naval aviator” which refers to the crew members of the US Navy, Coast Guard and Marines. A naval aviator navigates in the waters.
Being a pilot is hard work. You have to check every nook and cranny of the airplane together with a team of specialized aircraft professionals to assure the safety of every flight. The pilot is also the one who signals the base tower whenever they are in the process of taking -off, landing and in between.
A good aviation school is important in learning and practicing your skills as a pilot. Below is a list of flight schools within US for you to choose upon in case you want to be a pilot someday.
List of Flight Schools in the USA
American Academy of Aeronautics
This flight school is located in Sacramento, San Jose California. It boasts of a unique training program certified by the Global Aviation Degree. It holds the largest and most extensive program for training student pilots. The school caters on-campus job and housing placement program. They hold funding programs for internship.
It has the latest aircrafts including airplane fleets with moving maps, autopilot, and GPS. The advanced training program part 125 offered by this school is called “Next Generation Cockpit Training.” The school houses airplanes with a B737 Multi-Engine and a B200 FAA recurrent and C310 Turbine transition.
Wright Flyers Academy
This is San Antonio’s finest flight school. This is also the Global Aviation Degree Center of the area. It was founded in 1982. In addition, it is the Cessna Pilot Center of San Antonio, Texas. The city is famous for its excellent climate ges all year round. It is also famous for its low cost of living and its aviation history. The military aircrafts and corporate jets of the Class C airspace in San Antonio International can give any pilot the confidence and experience for them to fly all over the world.
The school’s training program will probably land any pilot into the a very good position within a big airline company or a scheduled airfreight operator in just 14 months. The newest program of this school is called “Internet-based College Program” by the UVSC can land you either a Bachelor or Associate Degree at your own careful pacing while paying the tuition fees as ordered by the state.
Executive Flyers Incorporated
This school is located in Sacramento, California. It has a private license from the ATP for pilot training. Students can fly the VA approved multiple and single-engine aircraft called FAR 141. The school was established in the late 20th century and the classrooms are still in excellent condition along with its friendly teachers.
The Pam Am International Flight Academy
This flight school offers stimulation training and professional flight, which includes business aviation, airline team training and career pilot agenda. This school is located in Ft. Pierce, Phoenix and Florida, Arizona. They also provide training for flight attendants and air traffic control.
Pan Am is able to draft an effective program designed to help students maximize their potentials. The program includes spending less time training. It guarantees students a flight career the fastest time possible. They believe that pilots improve their ranks with seniority. The sooner they become pilots, the earlier they will be promoted.

King Schools Video: IFR Currency

April 10, 2009

Haven’t flown for a while? We could help! Everything you’d need to know about Instrument Currency you can learn from King Schools. Watch this clip to learn more. And click here to purchase this “IFR With Confidence – DVD” course For the complete King Schools selection, please visit

Duration : 0:1:42

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Spin Recovery – King Schools

April 2, 2009

How to recover from a spin! Amazing!! Click here to purchase this “Taming Stalls & Spins – DVD” course For the complete King Schools selection, please visit

Duration : 0:1:3

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