The Shadow Shades

March 5, 2010

The Shadow Shades” is a thriller/mystery suspense story about a 24 year-old man named Mark Lyons from Wichita, Kansas. Lyons is a recently unemployed, middle class guy with a jealous streak and is somewhat spoiled by getting his own way. Previously employed by Bowing Aircraft, Mark made a good living, but the economic depression expelled his sought-after dreams. Depressed about his fiancial situation, he turns to online job opportunities to save his new marriage and his ego. Months pass and the Lyons family find themself in a very bad situation. Their savings are running dry and Mark is realizing working online it is not as simple as he imagioned. After being scammed numerous times, Mark is falling into deep desperation.Meanwhile, 70 miles away, outside the small town of Kingman, KS a tornado is brewing and 40 year-old weathly author Danny Saprano from San Diego, CA is passing through on his way to Chicago, IL for a horror novel review, wearing very expensive Ferrari sunglasses. As the sky darkens and hails pelts his Infiniti G35, Danny doesn’t think much about it. That is, until he notices a dark funnel about mile away. As the twister touches down, it rapidly heads right towards him and sucks up his car, killing him in the flying debris. Before Danny dies, he sees everything inside the tornado, including a cow getting sucked up and a whole farm. His whole life flashes before him and everything he sees as he’s dying gets recorded in his sunglasses.A week or so after the tornado, Mark is curious to see the damage since he has never seen an actual tornado before. His wife Jenna is from Kingman, so they decide to visit her parents there (to make sure they and their house are alright). Before they reach Kingman, they stop in a rest area to check the tires on their car, and Mark notices something lying beside an old fence post. He picks it up and discovers that it’s an expensive pair of Ferrari sunglasses. Unknowing that they belonged Danny, he wipes away some sand and realizes they are very expensive sunglasses. Excited about his finding, he puts them on and shows them to his wife. He had never been able to afford anything so trivial that was so expensive. His wife, however, thinks it’s unsanitary to wear them, and that he should just sell them on ebay and get a profit for them. However, he keeps them and admires how handsome he looks in them.Mark continuously wears the glasses and gets many compliments on how they look on him. As his self-esteem rises, Mark realizes how these sunglasses have changed his life and gave him confidence again. That is, until he starts having nightmares. In every nightmare, the sunglasses appear and ghosts of people he doesn’t know. They are actually scenes out of Danny novels. As the days pass, Mark becomes addicted to wearing the glasses, and wears them constantly. So much that his wife becomes concerned. Ultimately, as he continues to wear the dead man’s sunglasses, he starts to actually see Danny in odd places, such as a gas station and in the supermarket. At one point in the story, Mark sees Danny standing infront of his book collection in his library. He never sees Danny’s face though, only his back.Slowing, everything thing that Mark is seeing through the sunglasses is being replaced by Danny’s life. Mark thinks that he’s seeing ghosts and turns crazy. His wife thinks that his symptoms are just those of depression, and takes him to see a psychiatrist. While they are at the psychiatrist, Mark sees Danny’s office with him writing at a desk instead of the psychiatrist. Slowing Mark’s world is changing into Danny’s. Everything is being replaced. Mark comes to the point where he refuses to take the sunglasses off.The story’s climax is when Mark decides to take a ride on a Sunday evening to visit Jenna’s parents, wearing the sunglasses. As he is driving, he notices the sky is getting dark and the wind is picking up. Hail pounds down on his car and he sees Danny walking on the side of the road. All of a sudden, Danny steps out in front of his car, causing him to crash into a telephone pole. The accident causes the glasses to fall off of him and he dies. There was actually no storm and no evidence of what caused him to crash, which confused the authorities. The sunglasses fall into a ditch and the spirit of both Mark and Danny await in them for somebody to pick up wear again.


This was article was created by Kevern & April