Sharp Dressed Farndurk M9

September 16, 2010 Just for fun. Please excuse THE sloppiest playing ever unleashed by my uncaring self on YouTube. The point of this little exercise was to manifest Brian Cale’s suggestion that the M9 was capable of some greasy Eliminator tones. And, damn it, I believe he’s right! The comp (far right) is set to ‘Near Zero’ with the nuke switch. That means no compression but tons of volume to push the rest of the circuit with. The Boost is nearly dimed. As it should be. The OD (far left) is in the centre position and the Gain is dimed. The OD’s Volume controls the final output. The guitar is a Les Paul Peter Green mod by Larry Corsa. It’s about as close to a ’59 as you’ll get for under 10K. Closer even than Gibson’s own attempts, I reckon. The amp is my trusty Laney Lionheart LT5-112 and we’re running the clean channel. Bright switch off. The gear is of much higher caliber than my playing, LOL. In my own defence though, I’d never played this song before this shoot. I like a challenge. 🙂 Anyway, the M9. That’s what it’s all about. Copyright police: Please let this one through! God knows people will only want to listen to the unadulterated version after my debacle. Sorry Billy!!