12 things you should while visiting Penang

March 29, 2010

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Penang or Pinang has been known as one of Southeast Asia’s most excellent tourist destinations for many years now. Aptly called as “Pearl of the Orient”, Penang offers wonderful civilizing tradition and diverse inhabitants which cannot be found anywhere else around the globe. In general, Penang is a great place all by itself and travelers find this small place full of fascinating things to do and many places to visit even on foot. Here are some suggested things you must do while visiting Penang.

01 Climb up Penang Hill: Your trip to Penang should include Penang Hill. This popular tourist spot is also known as Bukit Bendera, referring to its most developed peak, the Flagstaff Hill. The most recommended way up to Penang Hill is through the Penang Hill Railway. This is a funicular railway that will bring passengers all the way up to Flagstaff Hill. Funicular train leaves every 20-25 minutes interval and carries up to 80 passengers per trip. Penang Hill is also accessible by 4×4 vehicles through the “jeep track” which is a tarred road most commonly used by residents of the hill.

There are also trails that one can follow such as Moongate trail, trail from Air Itam Dam to Tiger Hill, trail from Hye Keat Estate and one coming from the Municipality Park. From Penang Botanical Gardens, it will take 3 hours to reach the top of the hill by foot.

02 Shop at Batu Ferringhi Night Bazaar: Batu Ferringhi Night Bazaar is a nightly affair in Batu Ferrunghi starting from 7pm until 1am. After the sun sets in, the whole stretch of Batu Ferringi is transformed into a night market definitely worth checking out. You will find over 1000 stalls in Batu Ferringhi which are lined near the main road. Shopping addicts will surely have a high time sorting out goods ranging from clothes to paintings and everything in between.

03 Enjoy food and sight at Gurney Drive: Gurney Drive is famous for its mouth watering cuisine. Aside from the food, this road is made popular by having the best view of the sunset. Just outside the Georgetown City, Gurney Drive faces the sea of Penang, truly a relaxing experience and quite fulfilling to the stomach as well. Dinners are served in this side of town where most hawker stalls open around 6pm. One can find something to please the palate, for sure. Top 3 recommended dishes to try are: Char Keow Teow, Asam Laksa and Hokkien Mee. Gurney Drive is also home to Gurney Plaza, a shopping center, where you can find popular Malaysian and foreign brands.

04 Be a Shopaholic: With all the shopping centers in Penang, you will never run out of options. Penang is considered as the biggest shopping destination in northern Malaysia with huge department stores and shopping malls in and out of the island. Queensbay Shopping Mall in Bayan Lepas is the largest and longest shopping mall in Penang Island housing more than 400 local and international shops. Gurney Plaza, on the other hand, has the biggest Cineplex in northern Malaysia. Pranglin Plaza is noted for local finds.

05 Enjoy dazzling 360 view of Penang from KOMTAR: During your visit to KOMTAR, go to the 60th floor to enjoy the fascinating 360 view of the Penang Island. KOMTAR is the tallest building in Penang and proved to be an important landmark for the area. This building houses government offices, shopping complexes, hotels and exhibition center.

06 Ride a ferry from Butterworth: A ferry ride from Butterworth is hard to miss since this is the main gateway to Penang Island. All ferry rides to Penang come from Butterworth terminal and provide a great photo opportunity for travelers featuring a magnificent landscape. The ferries run 24 hours a day.

07 Take a Georgetown Heritage Walk: Of course, Penang travel is more or less equivalent to Georgetown Heritage Walk. Georgetown Heritage Walk features century-old, historical sites and religious temples from various faiths. It is located at the northeastern side of Penang Island. Some of its famous attractions are the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Fort Cornwallis, Penang Islamic Museum, Pinang Peranakan Mansion and Queen Victoria Clock Tower.

08 Enjoy nightlife in Upper Penang Road: Your day in Penang is not yet over following gloomy night; check out Georgetown’s nightlife in upper Penang road with live music, DJs and bands. Karaoke is a popular activity, aside from dancing and just plain chilling out. Bring your friends for a round of singing and drinking til wee hours of the morning!

09 Cross Penang Bridge, one of the largest in the world: Penang Bridge is Asia’s longest bridge and it offers a spectacular view of Penang. This bridge is the pride and joy of Penang and a national landmark. It is also a standing symbol of Penang’s economic development. Penang Bridge is host to annual Penang Bridge Marathon.

10 Visit largest Buddhist Temple in Malaysia: The Buddhist temple of Kek Lok Si is situated in Ait Itam and it is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. Kek Lok Si Temple is home to series of monasteries, prayer halls, temples and beautifully landscaped gardens. It is also the best known temple in Penang, Malaysia.

11 Meet Francis Light at Fort Cornwallis: During your visit to historical Fort Cornwallis, you will see the statue of Francis Light. This old star-shaped fort is located at the northeastern coast of Penang and the oldest of three lighthouses in the area. Fort Cornwallis also features the Seri Rambai Cannon as always seen in pictures.

12 Visit nearby Islands: Small islands surrounding Penang are also worth looking up to. Pulau Aman or Island of Peace is a small island that houses the traditional Malay village. Other islands include Pulau Tioman, Pulau Rawa and Pulau Babi Besar. Although there is limited information about these nearby islands, a local tourist guide can help you find them.

On the whole, Penang, Malaysia is a great place to visit due to its almost side-by-side visitor spots, travelers won’t run out of things to do. This list is just a taste of what Penang can offer its visitors and it is not entirely impossible to fell in love with this beautiful island. Truly, a Penang travel is a trip worth remembering!

SEO Checklist – What You Should Check Before Lauching Your Website

March 21, 2010

There are some points which are to be considered while designing a site for SEO. So here i present some points which are need to be considered by Designers & Developers.
1. URLs should be static with the theme of the specific page content ( i.e on flagstaff hotel page url should be flagstaff-hotel).
2. Put the Product/Services/Category Name in h1.
3. Call the Same Page Product/Services/ Heading to the title.
4. Call the Same Page Product/Services/ Heading to the meta’s if given separately.
5. Get the product/ services name ( keyword ) into product/services description.
6. As much possible highlight the products/services with EM, I, U, B, strong.
7. Keep the URL, short, specific and keyword oriented not just like most “on the fly” URLs.
8. Define image alt as per image don’t just put any keyword forcibly.
9. While creating sitemap for dynamic site keep in mind it covers almost all the pages which have description and content. And give each URL a very specific title ( as per page content/product/services.).
10. Create a Robots.txt
11. Use the Anchor Text ( Hyperlink the Product name in content with most specific page).
12. Try to make Navigation User Friendly as well as search engine friendly. Simple and easy navigation fancies Visitors as well as robots.
SEO Checklist For Web Designer
1. Design the website not just as per SEO point of but it should be very elaborate so the visitor can quickly guess the business of website in a glance.
2. Most possibly try to put the content side from topmost and from the very left ( But don’t compromise with the design layout or quality).
3. Try to design the navigation from topmost or top left as much possible ( But don’t compromise with design layout)
4. Try to highlight all the product/services or Main categories on Home Page if Possible (This will help the users to have easy access of all the products in single click and also it will help Search Engines to crawl the product/services pages instantly).
5. Name all the images as per theme and product or services, images with full product name i.e. a image of flagstaff hotel should be named as flagstaff-hotel.gif not like prd1 or product1.
6. Put the product names/services names in text not a image ( For Coders).
8. Rename spacer.gif / pixel.gif / zero.gif as the main client product/services like(if there is a popcorn supplier use it as popcornsupplier.gif).
SEO Tips for Flash Designer
1. Make text basis representation of the flash using noembed tags.
2. Put the swf name full and as per the accurate services if the theme is multimedia fireworks.. Use multimedia-fireworks.swf instead of using just fireworks or multimedia.
3. Usually embed with a html or any static page and provide meta description and title for the page.
4. If possible copyright, sitemap, terms and condition link keep on page instead of using text. Give a Static Navigation of each flash page (Of Product/Services/About).
5. Provide a title and description for instances.

Flight Training: Why you Should Get Spin Training

February 23, 2010

Here is a perfect example of why you should get spin training when you are doing your

Flight Training:

for a pilot license.

Back in 1992, after I had been instructing for a few years, I was in the local FBO’s office where I worked. I was waiting for one of my students to come back from a solo flight. When my student came in, he looked as though he had just seen a ghost. He was shaking and sweating I asked him what happened. The answer that I got was one that most flight instructors would not want to hear: “I was practicing stalls in the practice area, and all of a sudden I was upside down, and then just spinning toward the ground I didn’t know what to do, but I heard your voice tell me to pull the power back and just let go of the control column, and the plane will stabilize.”

If you know anything about small Cessnas, they tend to have a forward CG and will recover if you just let go of the controls for a second—that is, if you are not in a fully developed spin. So that is what the student did. Even more upsetting was when he stated the fact that, once the plane stopped spinning and the nose started to come up, the altimeter was reading about 1,800–1,900 feet.

If you fly in the Phoenix area, you know that the ground elevation is approximately 1,500 feet MSL. So my student recovered about 300 to 400 feet about the ground. This is far below normal traffic patterns. Would you like this to happen to you? Because it can happen to you. Or would you rather have an instructor go over spin entries and recoveries with you?

I was taking aerobatic flight lessons at the time and had practiced plenty of 3- to 4-turn spins, so I got the parachutes on, and up we went. I started demonstrating spins and spin entries, and he just kept saying, “Nope, that is not what happened.” It finally dawned on me what had happened, and I asked him. Sure enough, I had hit the nail on the head.

The spin my student got himself into was one of the worst cases you could imagine. He was practicing power-off stalls, so the normal recovery procedure is to lower the nose, add full power, and start retracting flaps ten degrees at a time.

Little did my student know that the plane had started to enter the spin when he added full power. The result was a torque roll that placed the plane upside down at first, then continued to spin with the help of the full-power setting. I didn’t think that a 152 was capable of that, but sure enough, it was. So he pulled the power and let go of it, recovering about 400 feet above the ground.

I think every pilot out there should do some type of spin training. Now that I don’t have an aerobatic airplane, I do a flight that shows students how to enter and recover from the spin. This is not a full spin lesson, but it shows the student what to expect. If the student does get himself in trouble, I will let them go as long as I can.

When I had a Cessna 152 Aerobat, I would do spins and basic aerobatics with every student who wouldn’t put the plane over weight. Most students would be a little scared, but after the first of two flights, they couldn’t wait to do the second one.

If you can get up and do this before you solo, I suggest not doing it in an extra 300. Yes, it will be a fun time, but you won’t get the feel of the plane you are normally flying. If you can’t do it in an Aerobat, try to get in a Citabria or Super Decathlon. Use a plane that will be a little sluggish to simulate the plane you are training in.