Hank landing in Pignon, Haiti in a Single-Engine Cessna

March 18, 2011

Yup…no editing involved. They put me in the front because,believe it or not, I as the heaviest and they need to balance out the cargo in the back. In the back are Tim DeLaGhetto, Lisa Nova, Erin (water.org communications) and Laura (water.org Haiti specialist.) In the front is Captain Mike, who’s been flying this route for 20 years without incident. Somehow that did not make me less nervous…or less sick to my stomach. Pignon (pronounced Pee-yon) is a small town of about 10000 people on the central plateau of Haiti. The flight was uneventful and I did not puke, which is my definition of success.

The Complete Guide to Single-Engine Cessnas

February 26, 2010

Product Description
This guide aims to make shopping for a single-engine Cessna easier. It chronicles the information that buyers need to make comparisons…. More >>

The Complete Guide to Single-Engine Cessnas