Continental Airlines sliding down Evacuation Slide on 737-200

November 16, 2010

This was taken on a Continental Airlines Boeing 737-200. Sliding down the evacuation slide. This particular aircraft had an emergency landing in Guatemala in 1999 and it now used by Continental Airlines for flight Training Center. It was very informative and I hope I never have to experience this in real life. I want to give many thanks to the wonderful Continental employees whom did an awesome job showing us around.

The real reason flight attendants are onboard…

July 25, 2009

Just a series of video clips I put together to show the real reason flight attendants are on board…
Lots of people love to make the argument that flight attendants, despite the months of emergency training they go through, just serve beverages. What passengers don’t see is the hour before and after a flight doing security checks, checking emergency equipment, and reveiwing emergency procedures. Not only that, they’re REQUIRED by every goverment aviation organization to be on board for SAFETY. I can guaranty you, if the government didn’t require them to be on board FOR YOUR SAFETY, F/As would be axed completely in coach on domestic flights and on regional jets. They’re required to be there not to serve drinks but for safety.

Only catastrophic incidents like AF358 and US1549 make the news. Every time a flight attendant gives first aid, restarts a heart with a defibrillator, or evacuates an aircraft doesn’t make the news. Full blown emergency evacuations occur in the USA, on average, once a week. Airlines don’t have a certain quota of emergencies they have to have occur every year. The fact is an emergency could occur on any flight and flight attendant’s are constantly preparing for that and willing to risk their life to save you. F/As are no longer staffed based upon service, most US Airlines have cut their F/A staffing levels to the bare minimum FAA SAFETY level of 1 flight attendant per 50 passengers.

You wonder why the service sucks? Its because the flight attendant to passenger ratio is based upon the number of F/As it takes to get everyone out of a plane in 90 seconds or handle a wide range of other emergencies, not how quickly it takes them to get you a can of Coke.

Bottom line, any arrogant business passenger can put any spin they like on it but F/As are required by the FAA to be on board for safety.

Thank you to Markhk for the American 747 training clip.

Duration : 0:2:40

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