Diamond DV20 landing by Student Pilot Pelin-first solo

June 20, 2011

that ‘s me, this video from my flight training days (atpl frozen)at Ayjet in 2008,LTBW,?stanbul plane: TC-TAD

First Solo Flight ( Primeiro Vôo Solo ) – Cessna 150 – Onboard Camera – Part Two ( Parte 2 )

May 22, 2011

*** THIS IS ONLY THE PART TWO! FOR THE PART ONE, SEARCH ON THE RELATED VIDEOS! *** Here is my first solo flight, recorded on the Valença region, at northeast of Brazil and 45nm from the capital of Bahia’s state Salvador, during the practical stage for obtaining the license of Private Aircraft Pilot. The first part of this video shows the communication with the air traffic controller, the engine start and the overfly of the Salvador city (SBSV) towards Valença (SNVB). The second part shows the “solo” moment itself, with the instructor leaving the control cabin and the student pilot taking control of the machine! Aircraft: Cessna 150 PT-AVJ (property of the Aeronauts Formation Center – CFA). Student Pilot: Eder Freire Thanks to: * Levi Freire: my father, who always motivated this madness 😛 * Marcelo da Fonseca: CFA’s instructor * Alexandre Scheible: CFA’s instructor and owner — Este é meu primeiro vôo solo, filmado nos arredores de Valença – BA (SNVB), a 45nm (84km) de Salvador, durante a etapa prática para obtenção de licença de Piloto Privado de Avião – PP. O primeiro trecho do vídeo mostra a comunicação com os órgãos ATC, a partida, a decolagem eo sobrevôo de Salvador (SBSV) rumo a SNVB. O segundo trecho mostra o momento “solo” propriamente dito, com o instrutor deixando a aeronave eo aluno assumindo o controle da “máquina”! 🙂 Aeronave: Cessna 150 PT-AVJ (de propriedade do Centro de Formação de Aeronautas – CFA) Piloto-Aluno: Eder Freire Agradecimentos: * Levi Freire

Flying School Solo Flight on TV – Cessna 152

April 22, 2011

First Solo Flight (as seen on Channel 5)

First Solo Flight with aerial spinning exercise

April 19, 2011

This video footage was taken by Shaun Fraser and Carlos Cabral of Peter Annandales first solo flight at Pretoria Flying School in Wonderboom airport Pretoria. The caption at the end of the video was of a spinning exercise that certainly put a smile on Peters dial. www.pfs.co.za +2712 567 5124 +2712 567 5125

my first solo cessna 152 HP 1420 AS ALBROOK FLIGHT SCHOOL PANAMA

April 9, 2011

jajajaja ………. I SOLO…… CESSNA FLYERS…….

Dave Lay”s R/C model airplane solo flight.

April 4, 2011

Dave Lay solos at Hobbies Aloft R/C Flight School after eight hours of flight training. Dave’s airplane is a Goldberg Eagle 2, powered by an OS 46FX engine and using a Futaba 4CH FM radio. Dave was the 107th student to solo at Hobbies Aloft R/C Flight School. He soloed on 24 MAY 99 at Fort Ord, CA.

Solo Helicopter Flight in Schweizer 300C

April 1, 2011

Flight at KFNL Colorado in Schweizer 300C

Puven’s 1st SOLO flight!!!!!

March 23, 2011

awesome one..!!!

Cessna 172 Sussex – Blairstown, Daniel Glider Solo at Blairstown & Blanik Flight

March 20, 2011

We waited for the fog to clear out at Sussex airport and then flew the Cessna Skyhawk direct to Blairstown. Daniel went up in a schweizer 2-33 for two solos and then I took his friend up in a Blanik. Finally we returned back to Sussex airport by airplane.

My macho man’s First Solo @ APFT

March 10, 2011

Asia Pacific Flight Training

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