Cessnas for Sale Are A Stable Investment

March 6, 2010

It comes as no surprise to anybody, but it is a buyers’ market in everything from real estate to stocks to aircraft. With the concerns about fuel prices, many aircraft owners are trading their twin engine planes in for single engine planes. Cessna 172’s, 182’s, 210’s and 206’s are holding their own value better than other aircraft right now. But like everything, there are still good deals out there, especially in Cessnas for sale.


Many owners of older model Cessnas are concerned that it will be difficult to sell their plane because there is no glass instrumentation. On the contrary, because those planes are usually less expensive and most pilots learned to fly with analog instruments, there is still a viable market for Cessnas without glass instruments, especially in first-time owners.


There is a contradiction, though. Planes built in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s without glass cockpits do not sell as well, because potential buyers expect glass if they are going to pay the higher price of a newer airplane.


The aircraft market seems to be in a holding pattern right now, with potential buyers waiting to see how low the market will go to get the best deal. And sellers are trying to tough it out and not loose their investment, either. Most pilots don’t buy an airplane to make money; they have a need or a purpose for it. If that need changes and their current plane doesn’t quite fit the bill, then it may be time to take the loss and move on to what will work for them. Then they will be into the buyers’ market, looking for that good deal, too.


Cessnas for sale have maintained the most stability in the turbulent market of today. For business or pleasure, these planes continue to hold their value and have the reputation to back them up.