acionamento da turbina cessna 195-T(CESSNA 195 Turboprop Start UP)

June 14, 2011

Beech 18 Training Engine Start 1

March 13, 2011

Beech 18 training video

Start up einer Cessna 182

December 3, 2010

Die neuanschaffung des Flugring Salzburg. Cessna 182

Cessna Start and Taxi

November 1, 2010

Starting and Taxiing a Cessna 172SP

Cessna 152 Flight Club Start / Landing FS2004

September 21, 2010

Cessna 152 Flightclub Start / Landing FS2004/FS9.

Cessna 195 Engine Start

July 8, 2010

1949 Radial Engine startup

Pilot Training ? A Flying Start

March 18, 2010

Pilots have always commanded respect and have always been looked upon with a certain reverence. Pilot training was considered to be a very difficult and due to the limited options available was overlooked by many people who aspired to work as commercial pilots. Until recently there were very few aviation academies in India that offered world class pilot training. Pilot Training as a career choice is more viable now only due to the fact that a number of pilot training schools like Chimes Aviation Academy.

In India career as a pilot has become quite lucrative and due to the growth of a number of private airlines like Jet Airways, Kingfisher and Spice Jet the number of pilot jobs have become available. Pilot training as a whole has become more expansive and has become at par if not better than that offered by the flying schools abroad. A number of flight training academies that provide pilot training in India for commercial pilot license offer world class flight instructors along with a host of other facilities to students who come to train there.

One of the reasons for a major upheaval of the pilot training in India was the growth of the education sector as a whole and the introduction of superlative techniques for pilot training. The pilot training courses offered in India are DGCA approved and are provided at a fraction of the cost of the aviation institutes abroad. The cost-effective pilot training India is designed to be affordable and still not compromise on the standards of education.

Even though the aviation industry all over the world has slowed down due to the unrest in the economic sectors and the rise of fuel process, experts opine that the aviation industry is all set to grow in the coming months to an unheard of level. This only means that there are going to be more jobs for pilots in the months to come. Earlier many students and aspiring pilots would enrol themselves at aviation academies abroad for pilot training but now the trend seems to be changing as pilot training schools in India are offering better education for commercial pilot training right here at home.

Indian pilot that undergo pilot training in India are in some aspects actually better than there counterparts who have received pilot training education abroad. Pilot training in India has gone ahead with a flying new start and is all set to change the competence of pilots in the industry.

From the latest simulator training for CPL to the best flight instructors, aviation institutes in India are offering a range of cost-efficient pilot training courses that are as good as the courses offered by flight training schools in the west. With aviation academies like Chimes Aviation Academy coming to the forefront, the dream of becoming a pilot seems quite attainable now. A blend of a fleet of brand new Cessna 172 planes, the best flight instructors in the industry and a number of facilities come together at Chimes Aviation Academy.

With the coming of so many aviation training academies, pilot training in India has become better, more efficient and actually cost effective. Becoming a pilot with the incredible pilot training schools is within reach now.

Get a Good Start With Flying Rc Cessna 182

February 16, 2010

Flying a RC plane often may put you on hassle when it comes to choose the right toy plane. You are now quite about to buy a RC plane but still you are floating on the choices, as variety of planes are before you at the same moments. Okay, this is natural but if you are quite new enthusiasts then a lot of conveniences with these toys should be checked before to meet you with the best option. Flying a Cessna 182 is a quite easier for the beginner as it comes with simpler functions and in a just ready to fly state.

Assembling a RC plane can be a tedious work if you are a beginner. So, you just need such an option which enable to jump on the fly right out from the box. Though still you have to work some actions like charging the battery and put it into the toy cabinet and switch on the remote control start button. Cessna 182 comes completely in a pre-assembled state and makes your way easier anytime to fly.

Certainly there are some quite cozy features that make this RC plane best for your plunge. RC Cessna can perform for a smoother speed of up to 50 m/h which can certainly be a exhilarating factor for the beginners. It has a strong Styron-foam body which gives this plane a quite sturdy shape and durability. The compact size and eye-catching design makes it best choice for you and help you handle the play just in a funny way. This toy plane has a 480 motor engine that is backed by a power battery of 7.2V. You can easily fly this plane for a continuous period of 13-15 minutes with a full-charged battery without any interruption in the game. The body size is perfect at any playfield and with having a wingspan of 38.5″ and length of 29″ it no doubt gives you a better and much stable flying experience. The power full remote control adds more freedom at flying, as you can easily get your plane up to a height of 2500 ft.

May be you have a fixed budget but once you have decided for a RC plane paying 179 dollar would not be a much expense for you. Though this an approximate price for this plane and you can find even somewhat differed prices with retailers, you need to first visit different stores online to get the best price. Make sure putting a little much time on comparing prices can definitely help you get the best deal