Air Hamburg Private Jets Cessna Citation CJ3 Startup Landing Hamburg HD Gopro

December 30, 2010

Air Hamburg Private Jets Cessna Citation CJ3 Startup Landing Hamburg HD Gopro

HD Captain Sim 757-200/300/Freighter FSX Startup Checklist

November 14, 2010

***NOT FOR FLIGHT!!!*** ***READ THE VIDEO COMMENTS IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION*** Your question has probably already been answered 5 times there. This is the remake of my Captain Sim 757 for FSX Startup procedures, now in HD. Because I took the time to explain a few things (rather than cluttering the screen with annotations), this video ended up about twice as long as the original. I will think about making more videos for the rest of the lists, or at least those that are practical in a sim environment. Just making about 30 minutes of tutorial videos and editing them and such took an entire weekend. So, with me doing lots of flight training right now, it may not be possible for me to sacrifice another weekend any time soon unless the weather is bad. Enjoy and send comments if you have questions or whatever. I’ll try to help answer them when able.

Cessna 172 cockpit startup at night from cold and dark

September 17, 2010

This is a recording of startup of Cessna 172 from Cold and Dark cockpit. The video also includes me getting the ATIS (118.45) adjusting the altimeter, than switching to the ground frequency (121.7) at Van Nuys airport Please excuse the minor cussing. His comments are funny too.

Cessna C 208 Grand Caravan Start-up

May 30, 2010

Grand Caravan starting up and taxiing by. Recorded July 19th 2008 at EDMT Tannkosh 2008.

Passion Takes Flight – The Biography of John & Martha King

March 31, 2009

John and Martha King are known worldwide, today, for their contributions to aviation and pilot preparedness. 30 years ago, however, they started their business of training pilots with nothing more than a passion for flight–and a spare bedroom. Among pilots, King Schools is now a household name, with more than half the pilots in the US having taken their courses. In addition to their many awards and honors, John and Martha are the first couple to each hold every category and class of FAA …

Duration : 0:1:8

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