Truman Parrot Show – How to Teach Basics of Flight and Recall

September 3, 2010

Here is how I taught Truman to make short flights and eventually his first recall. Check out the article because I wrote about all the details and steps for making this happen. The video covers footage from several days of informal training up to the first recall. The training stands you see me using to teach Truman flight will soon be available for sale at 2x for $99 + shipping. I will take some more pictures of them and launch a website for anyone interested in buying a pair. Truman is a Brown Necked Cape Parrot, a Poicephalus Robustus Fuscicollis. In this video I show you how I teach him to walk, jump, and then fly across a small gap between two perches and then eventually to fly to my hand. Feel free to join the discussion about parrot flight training by joining my parrot forum: And please subscribe to and follow my training blog I will have plenty more articles explaining every trick and behavior I train Truman so stay tuned cause you don’t want to miss this. Thanks.