Tucson Tourist Attractions

March 5, 2010

Tucson is filled with tourist attractions ranging from the Catalina State Park, which hosts the Hohokam village (the site of the oldest known Indian tribe), to the Sonora Desert Museum with its collection of desert creatures caught right in their natural habitat. The weather in Tucson, which ranges somewhere to the average of 75 degrees for most of the year, is ideal for outdoor camping, hiking, biking, sightseeing and even movie-making. The clear skies all year round have made Tucson the ideal location for the Kitt Peak Observatory Lab where dozens of astrologers and cosmologists camp in a view to capture the heavens. But this is not all there is in Tucson.

No one leaves Tucson without visiting the Pima Air Museum which is dedicated to the preservation of the history of commercial and military aviation. This museum opened its doors in 1976 with just over 70 aircraft but has since grown to over 250. It has recently added the world-famous F-5B made by Northrop. Special aviation events and conferences are held here every year and flight enthusiasts can be seen here all the time.

A big part of Tucson is its scenery and mild weather that draws thousands of hikers to the area every year. Many of them come to hike or cycle in the mountains and nowhere else is this more enjoyable than at Finger Rock Trail. Despite the steep 4000 feet climb the vistas from different vantage points are simply stunning. Tours to this area are always fully booked. The trail winds into Alvernon Way which approaches Finger Rock and the Pontatoc Trail. The Finger Rock Trail stretches over five miles. The hike passes through the Sonora Desert up to the jagged peaks of the Catalina Mountains which offers more views of the surrounding terrain.

Another memorable attraction in Tucson is actually located right in the heart of downtown. This is the Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block which is famous for its Western art that is both contemporary and experimental. The museum also hosts a large section devoted to pre-Columbian artistry of the American Southwest and Mexican art. In addition, the building features works by some of Arizona’s most talented artists. Tours to these widely visited attractions are extremely popular and children under 12 years old are admitted free. The first Sunday of every month is also free for all visitors regardless of their age.