Flying Around the CN Tower in Toronto in a Cessna 172

November 6, 2010

This is me flying a C-172 from Brampton airport to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for downtown sight seeing around the CN Tower. The video was made and edited by my good friend Kasper Piatkowski. Made in the summer of 2003. From Astounding Celebrating the History of Canadas Architectural, Engineering and Construction Wonder Defining the Toronto skyline, the CN Tower is Canadas most recognizable and celebrated icon. At a height of 553.33m (1815 ft., 5 inches), it is the Worlds Tallest Building, a Wonder of the Modern World, an important telecommunications hub, the centre of tourism in Toronto and a first class dining and event centre. Each year, approximately 2 million people visit the Canadas Wonder of the World to take in the breathtaking view and enjoy all of the attractions the CN Tower has to offer. After 40 months of construction, the CN Tower was opened to the public on June 26, 1976 and it was well on its way to becoming the countrys most celebrated landmark. It is the centre of telecommunications for Toronto serving 16 Canadian television and FM radio stations, the workplace of 550 people throughout the year, and one of Torontos premier entertainment destinations. Although the CN Tower inspires a sense of pride and inspiration for Canadians and a sense of awe for foreign tourists, its origins are rooted in practicality. The 1960s ushered in an unprecedented construction boom in Toronto transforming a skyline characterized by relatively low buildings into

Flying Floats 1973 Vintage FAA Aviation Training Film

August 3, 2009

Flying Floats 1973 Vintage FAA Aviation Training Film

Duration : 0:19:13

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Wake Turbulence Avoidance – A Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Briefing 1995

July 23, 2009

Vintage Federal Aviation Administration training film.


Wake Turbulence Avoidance – A Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Briefing AVA19661VNB1, 1995

Video production using re-enactments and animation to illustrate the hazards and physical dynamics of wake turbulence caused by aircraft.

Duration : 0:24:16

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How Airplanes Fly 1968 Vintage Aviation Training Film

July 16, 2009

Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration

How Airplanes Fly

What makes an airplane get off the ground and stay in the air? Easy to understand film combines animation and live sequences to explain … all ยป basic aerodynamics. Forces of lift, weight, thrust and drag are shown in relation to flight.

Duration : 0:18:30

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ATCsimulator2 Demonstration

December 27, 2008

This is a demonstration of ATCsimulator2 using speech recognition. This is the most popular air traffic radar simulator for Windows. For more information, visit

Duration : 0:9:30

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