Wampler: Nirvana Chorus with Telecaster

January 5, 2011

www.wamplerpedals.com The Nirvana Chorus Vibrato offers modulation effects that stretch from lush and warm to spacey and stunted. Its Rate knob is very powerful as is the combination potential of the three-way Intensity toggle with the Depth knob. Today we hear it in combination with my favorite Telecaster and into the Clean channel of my Laney Lionheart 5W amp. Swish, swirl and seasick. They’re all here. Thanks for watching! BK 🙂

Wampler Pinnacle II

November 22, 2010

The Wampler Pinnacle II should be at the top of your check-it-out list when searching for a ‘brown sound’ pedal. It is especially good with Fender type amps and does a great job with a Tele and other low output single coiled axes, although I’ve chosen to film it with my Floyd Rose Redmond Model 3 which has an ace low output humbucker in the back. Everybody wants some..!