Cessna Aircrafts- the worldwide leaders of widening wings!!

March 10, 2010

Aircraft industries have an older history. There are hundreds of companies in the world that have dealt in the area of aviation and also there are so many names that have rose sharply and fell down steeply. So, the industry has the same nature as the product. It can lead you to the top also if you have the abilities, but if you become careless, it may crush you out in fewer seconds also!!

Even in this uncertain and quite riskier climate of the aircraft industry, there are fewer companies that are dealing in the aircraft industry with higher activation and also have gained a great momentum continuously.

The Company

Cessna is one of such giant names in the aviation. It is the subsidiary company of Textron Incorporation. The company is at the edge of completing of finishing the century of its birth as in June 1911, the company was started by the great visionary of the future, Clyde Cessna. There was a great response from the people in the initial stages. Since than, company has seen so many rises and falls in the life span. There were also some of the closures also in the mid 1930s but in just a few years the company was stably handled by Dwane Wallace brothers. After that the progress rate of the company is going quite stable and healthier.

The Progress

After World War II, the company got a great enthusiasm and they produced as many as 172 aircrafts in very shorter period and became the first ever company to produce so many aircrafts. This dose of success was sufficient for the massive staff of 15,000 people. The head place of the company is in the Wichita, Kansas.

Even after that, the company was eager to widen their wings in the US and also to other nations. They also took a major step in 2007, by purchasing the bankrupt Columbia Aircrafts. Buying the Columbia Aircrafts was a pure gamble in these crises, but company did select the option and also they invested in Brazil.

Cessna Aircraft are recently topping the aviation industry in Brazil and also they are one of the better names in the aviation line.

The Down under

There are some stages during the dull economic phases in all the companies of the world and the same things happened to Cessna also. They needed to cancel the project of Citation Columbus. Also they have eliminated as many as 7,500 workers out of their 15,000 total staff. So, the economic Recession has strucked badly to the Company. But, stronger foundation and wider popularity has removed all the fears and the company is still producing the same airplanes for sale!!